How to Improve Video Position on YouTube: 5 Advanced Tactics

The demand for video content grows with the increasing capacity of Internet channels and increases the technical capabilities of computers and mobile devices. Because of this, marketers are actively using YouTube, which is considered to be the best video sharing to publish commercial content. They publish the video on this resource, relying on the audience’s […]

Web Analytics

6 Tips for Web Analytics

What should every web analyst do? Why is it important to choose the right tools, and why you should not leave without attention to details? We have prepared 6 basic tips to help you.  Ask the Right Questions The most important skill in web analytics – is the ability to ask the right questions. The answer […]

Methods of promotion of site

1.1 Internet Marketing Today, Internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. The unique advantage of online marketing course over traditional marketing course is the broadest coverage of the target audience and highly cost-effective to share investment in an advertising campaign. Internet marketing includes a set of measures aimed at the promotion of […]